Unique Migration: South African Doctors Fleeing to Australia


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South Africans have been leaving that country in ever-increasing numbers since 1948.

This book traces the migration of South African medical practitioners to Australia over that time: who they are, why they left South Africa, why they chose Australia, what difficulties they encountered and what their experiences have been. It draws attention to the need for enquiry into why such ‘elites’ feel compelled to leave their homelands. Understanding this unique movement helps us understand what is happening on a broader front as English-speaking professionals relocate towards safer and more prosperous environments. Thoroughly researched and relevant to the continuing movement of professionals around the world, this book fills a gap which is becoming especially important as our professions become multicultural. Dr James Jupp AM, FASSA. Australian National University.

For those interested in history the book provides a brief review of South African history and politics over the apartheid period . The book also looks at medical migration from South Africa to other countries particularly to the United Kingdom and North America. Of particular interest is the ethnic background of the migrant doctors and the large number of Jewish doctors who migrated with an indication that Australia was the country of choice for those who did not wish to migrate to Israel

The chapters on the challenges posed by the various registration Boards and Colleges are insightful and although one would hope these processes have improved with national registration the fact remains – we like many other countries around the world are not always welcoming of new arrivals to our shores

The author Peter Arnold gained his BSc degree in 1957 at Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, South Africa. Immediately after graduating MBBCh in 1961, he left South Africa with his wife, Shirley Rutenberg. After four years working in hospitals in Adelaide and Sydney, Dr Arnold entered general practice. In 1973 he commenced studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of New England, graduating BA in 1978. He was president of the General Practitioners’ Society in Australia and later chaired the Federal Council of the Australian Medical Association. As Deputy President of the New South Wales Medical Board, he chaired the committee responsible for registering foreign doctors. Since retiring from clinical practice in 1990, he has been a professional editor. Colin Tatz AO, Gillian Heller and he wrote Worlds apart: the re-migration of South African Jews (Rosenberg 2007).