Murtagh’s Practice Tips 7th Edition


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Murtagh’s Practice Tips┬áis the trusted resource that provides tips for GPs and other medical practitioners drawn from John Murtagh’s extensive experience in practice. It is the essential guide for tried-and-tested approaches to treatment and improvisation methods, using convenient tools and readily available equipment to treat patients as effectively as possible.

Content throughout the resource has been updated for this seventh edition, providing essential information and step-by-step instructions on how to deal with conditions encountered by GPs around the world in everyday practice. New and updated content includes:

  • wounds and suturing
  • dressings for burns
  • lost fillings and crowns
  • CPR in children
  • nasal irrigation
  • eustachian tube dsyfunction and glue ear.

Written with the busy practitioner in mind, this latest edition describes techniques using common terminology to suit practitioners at all levels of experience. More than 450 detailed illustrations, including some new and revised, supplement the text.

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